Top Ten Reasons To Choose Sparkling Interiors For All Of Your Cleaning Needs.


1. We have been serving greater Cincinnati Since 1985 cleaning Various Offices, Homes & Churches and even in these tough economic times we are still able to guarantee our pricing from year to year in our contracts.

2. We work hard to maintain our relationships with our customers by providing quality service and reliability, we have customers that we have been serving since our inception in 1985, we have never missed a cleaning due to weather and we are always able to schedule around holidays.

3. When any problems have come to our attention we have made it a priority to solve them quickly, with the customer’s best interest being served.

4. We are locally owned and operated not an out of town franchise.

5. We are fully insured for liability as well as fully funded in the State of Ohio workers compensation program.

6. We screen all of our employees carefully to protect your business and personal interests as well as personal safety.

7. All of our workers are permanent employees not temps or sub contractors.

8. We train all new employees on existing work, and then assemble a crew to service new customers from new and existing employees.            (Not Temps or Subcontractors or Under the table types, Just actual Employees)

9. We can adapt our service to fit your needs by providing as little or as much as you like, from labor only to full service cleaning and carpet care and window cleaning.


10. We provide each potential new client with references and encourage you to contact them.


Note: We also recommend calling to verify that the Co. you choose is really covered by workers comp, not just providing an unfunded workers comp certificate for their owner.