Our Mission is to earn the title.


The Last Stop For All of Your 

Cleaning & Janitorial Needs.

We will do our very best to provide you with a transparent experience.

In other words we want you not to see or hear us but just to know your facility or home is always clean.

We are able to do this by using the finest (environmentally friendly whenever possible) cleaners, tools, supplies and equipment that is properly maintained.

We will protect your privacy when working in your facility by training our employees not to read or look at things left out in public areas, if you leave things for the garbage it will be disposed of properly.

Our staff is always fully vetted with background and insurance company profiles, then trained on existing work mixed in with our existing employees and thoroughly trained, then grouped in to teams of fully trained long term employees with the newer trainees, we will never send you an inexperienced cleaner without supervision.

We will do our best to always be there, since 1985 we have never missed an appointment to do our work unless the customer closed due to  weather and didnt want us to come in or they had some other emergency the precluded us from coming.